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Experience an Enthralling Christmas by Outsourcing Cooking Responsibility to Bites by Eydt!

We know that Atlantians are great lovers of food. We also know that they must be thinking of exotic cuisines to serve their family and loved ones during the festive season. When Christmas is shimmering around the corner, why not think of outsourcing your food ideas to us. While we create the freshest food for you using farm-fresh veggies, fruits, spices, and condiments, you can shake a leg with your dear ones.

Bites by Eydt is a professional onsite catering company. Yes, you heard it right! We are onsite caterers, which means we will come to your home and cook tasty food from the warmth and coziness of your kitchen. This concept works the best because you will see how our culinary expeditions are progressing right in front of you. And we welcome you to come and saute now and then to ensure fun-filled participation.

We always come up with culinary ideas that will keep you drooling for more. The cheese that drips from the Pizzas we prepare will keep you engrossed in the finger-licking ritual.

Pizza is not an informal dish anymore restricted to the youth and college cafeterias. Bites by Eydt’s Pizza with filet mignon and gorgonzola is a must try. We bring all the fragrant-fresh ingredients and cook right in front of you. The freshness of the food with the aroma intact will add zest to your casual dinner parties and holiday parties.

Lobster pizza with shallots is yet another preparation by us that melts in your mouth, spreading the taste of cheese, condiments, and spices, and takes you into a trance-state for a few moments. You must try this. Try Pizza with caramelized onions, and believe us, you might get addicted.

Holiday parties teaming with chilled cocktails prepared by the connoisseurs of Bites by Eydt are something that you would regret when missed. Coming up with amazingly creative combinations for cocktails is our forte, and we have been appreciated for this time and again by our clients.

We have earned a name in Atlanta for our hygiene and professionalism. We are congenial to the hilt and take no time to become one with your family to add total fizz and effervescence to the event.

And one more important thing, our team of epicures have taken Covid Jabs to assure safety to our beloved clients. So, if you want to just soak in the warmth of your family and friends and not worry about exhaustive food preparations and table arrangements, think of Bites by Eydt.

Talk to us well in advance to book our services earlier to avoid any clash of dates during the festive season!

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